Dues Incentive Program

The Kiwanis Club of Transfer’s Dues Incentive Program allows members to earn points by completing various activities through the year. These points are converted to dollars at the end of the year. Each point equals one dollar incentive credit towards the next year’s dues. Each member is responsible for tracking their own points and submit their completed incentive form to the club president or other board member by September 1st of each year.

Please note that new members as well as members in a Service Leadership Advisor role have their dues paid in full.

Point Breakdown:

  • Holding a Club Office – 10 points
  • Sitting on the Club Board – 5 points
  • Committee Chairperson – 5 points
  • New Member Sponsorship – 5 points
  • Meeting Attendance – 1 point
  • Service Hours for a Kiwanis Sponsored Service Project – 1 point/hour (25 maximum a year)
  • French Fry Stand – 1 point/hour (25 maximum a year)